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Cushion VS Jelly

Find the Most Suitable Base Makeup Solution

It is the very nature of women to want to keep their skin looking perfect even on hot summer days. You need a perfect base makeup solution capable of keeping makeup as fresh as it was when first applied, while enjoying swimming and outdoor activities. For such a product to be perfect, it needs several key factors. First, it needs to be light as though you feel like you are not wearing makeup even when you do. Second, it has to keep the skin looking bright and fresh without darkening. Last but not least, it has to offer coverage good enough to cover up freckles, blemishes and redness.
There are so many base makeup products, but which is right for your skin? BB Cushion is a huge thing now in the base makeup category and Jelly Pact is the new boss in town. The biggest difference between them is their texture. And the choice depends on your skin concerns. If you want to make a better choice of base makeup product, remember the left checklist.

Which Base Makeup product is Right for My Skin?



◎ I have large pores and excess sebum.
◎ Makeup gets stuck between pores and makes them more noticeable.
◎ I have dark, dull skin tone.
◎ I want both a fresh finish and moist texture.
● Makeup easily gets washed away.
● I hate complicated makeup steps.
● Makeup gets cakey and makes pores more noticeable.
● I prefer moist, smooth porcelain-like skin.

If you have more ◎ SOLUTION 1, If you have more ● SOLUTION 2

Solution 1

Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ / PA+++

Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ / PA+++

If you are worried about oily, dull-looking skin resulting from a lack of moisture and firmness, excess sebum and large pores clogged with dead skin cells, choose BB Cushion Pore Control, which is excellent at taking care of the pores. It not only acts to cover up the pores and any skin imperfections, but also controls the dirt inside pores to prevent an outbreak of skin trouble. Plus, Sebum Control Powder helps control excess sebum, while Anti-Darkening Powder keeps the skin looking bright and clean for a fresh makeup look. If you need a more delicate coverage of pores, apply a thin layer of BB Cushion Pore Control and again on the Plus Zone (from the forehead to the tip of the chin, from the end of one cheek to another with the nose as the center) – which is an area prone to excess sebum and large pores – then, dab it on.

Solution 2

Satin Cover Jelly Pact SPF 35 / PA++

Satin Cover Jelly Pact SPF 35 / PA++

Satin Cover Jelly Pact is an all-in-one pact with a thick jelly-like texture perfect for oily and combination skin types suffering from too much oil on the face. It acts to wash away makeup in an instant. Its thick jelly-like texture sets and blends smoothly onto the skin to complete perfect porcelain-like skin without getting cakey and flakey, which can otherwise often occur on oily and combination skin types. Plus, its multi functions mean it works as a sunscreen, makeup base and finishing power, giving you convenience of use and long-lasting power for a product that stays strong against sweat and water. These benefits make it the number one must-have item for oily and combination skin types, especially on hot summer days. Apply over the face and dab on any parts that easily get cakey, like the sides of the nose, around the eyes and the lips.

Tips for point makeup that stays long even on summer days

tip 1

Curl up eyelashes from the root using Jet Curling Mascara. Hold the brush straight up and touch each lash for perfectly curled eyelashes capable of withstanding sweat and water.

tip 2

Put Water Drop Tint on upper and lower lips from side to side. Close and open the mouth like you are sucking your lips to create natural looking gradation.

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