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To finding my little lovely world

“My kind of life” is not a fixed one, as it can be created by so many dif ferent “me’s”. So, what does a day in the life of LANEIGE Muse look like? Well, she creates her own little world of unique sensitivit y, and explores the world beyond with her insatiable curiosity leading her onwards. By trying out so many failures she is able to find her best hairstyle, and after so much trial and error she can discover her kind of world. Whether you create a beautiful life with your insightful views, or enjoy your life with a broad perspective, what kind of life will you as LANEIGE Muse create and discover?

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Columbus didn’t reach his intended destination of India, but instead found the New World. When the path you have set for yourself vanishes, another path to a greater world will open up, and from there we’re free to go anywhere. In this summer, you can take part in exciting activities.

1. Unusually Activities, More Passionate than the Sun

If you get bored in the summer, activities done in nature can be a great energy booster. It’s up to you . whatever you prefer . just head out to the mountain or beach and say goodbye to your stress!
How about going for unusual activities and discovering new and exciting aspects of nature, like the desert driving on endless sand dunes, or zorbing on the giant ball down the hill, or kite-boarding, combining the best of wake boarding and paragliding? We’re too young to run away from hotness of the season!

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image 02

2. Discover Romantic Charms of Camping in the City

There’s a great way to be with nature without ever leaving the city: glamping. Comfy beds and exotic camping gadgets and gears, so all you need to do is: bring your body. That’s the biggest charm. Girls and their bffs have started to enjoy the romance of mid-summer at the glamping zone located in the heart of the city. From relatively affordable and neatly prepared local glamping to super-luxurious glamping in nature arranged by five-star hotels, Glamping is available in various styles and prices. Looks like you will have a full chapter of fun memories of glamping this year!

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image 03

3. Reason Why Lazy Bones Should Head Out to the Sea

So, you’re the one who dislikes sweating miserably? Naturally, come the hot and sweaty summer, you don’t want to move a nger, right? That doesn’t mean you should be stuck at home! You can just look and feel cool if you spend your summer at sea – and while there, why not try water activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, or canoeing? Just leave “lazy bones” at home. Without moving around too much, you can enjoy all kinds of super-fun activities!


Korean longboarding sensation She was already famous among longboard fans, but it was the video of her uidly skating through the street in 2016 that made her even more popular.

instagram * @hyo_joo


‘ontheroof’, a private shop managed by intheA, a brand offering picnic and camping gear, creates a romantic atmosphere in a tent overlooking Namsan. Enjoy a special time with good friend with BBQ party.

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This Group specializes in producing outdoor ads. It is equipped with special underwater and aerial lming equipment, and other different video technologies for more dynamic, artistic and trendy content.


Flowers don’t bloom on demand, nor do fruits rush to fruition. We’ve learned time and time again there are simply no shortcuts to attaining goals. Like discovering sparkling gemstones no one had ever discovered, there are brave girls who create their own gemstones.

1. The Miniature World like Magic

Is that how Gulliver might have felt when stranded on Lilliput? There’s a space that makes us become curious and want to look again and again. So, why not make a special world that might have kept warm memories for a long long time? We can use our brilliant ideas to transform everyday objects into fun interior items inside a doll’s house. Say, a used-up aluminum canister might turn into a doll’s house, or a cap of a portable butane gas bottle can become a vintage-style tin basket. Like magic, anything is possible for our tiny world!

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image 04

2. The World Made up of Happy Moments

If you make a sentence called “life,” there are some rules to go by! Don’t be too greedy to make the most perfect sentence, right from the beginning. The noun should always be “I,” the first person, the central point of all views. Girls who collect characters they love and nurture them are girls who love themselves – because they think and decide what’s important to them and cherish them as something precious. The small pieces of pleasure they gather make up their tiny world, and such a world can be deeply impressive.

3. A Girl’s Childhood Dreams in Her Special Cake

A dessert-loving girl cannot so easily give up on cake! The day before big days, you may think “Should I bake a cake this time?” But, seeing all the different fancy recipes, you can only sigh. You don’t need an oven to bake a cake. If you have ordinary cookies, chocolate and ice cream you can easily buy at any convenience store or supermarket, you can make the kind of fantastic cake you dreamed about in your childhood. The world is very small and elaborately detailed and yet this same world is so much larger than we can ever know.

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image 05

Mar CerdÀ

Children’s book illustrator Mar Cerda makes little houses and characters with cut paper and watercolors to bring 2D into 3D. Her works are exquisitely detailed, and especially inuenced.

instagram * @marillustrations

Muni Shop

Muni Shop collects and creates patterns. Using original patterns, the shop offers various vintage & retro items. It also holds one-day classes.

instagram * @mymunishop


It takes you to a wonderland. The delicate decoration and brilliant shapes of the cakes will make your special day even more memorable.

instagram * @muum_mu

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