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Check your pattern

A close look into winter essential, check print

Getting your wardrobe ready for this winter season? Check whether you have the check print to your taste. When it comes to check print, it’s all about color combination and print size. Depending on how you match the print, it can be either easy wearable or extra edgy. Here are ways to find the check print that’s simply perfect for your look.

Basic or More Unique

There’s really no way you can get enough of check patterns. But, if you don’t want the same old check patterns anymore, check out some of the most striking patterns given below.

Check your pattern image 02
Check your pattern image 02

1. A combination of multiple patterns, similar but somewhat different, adds an edge to the knit. Pair this loose-t knit with either trousers or a skirt and it will look both playful and stylish.

2. Thickly knitted fuzzy bag. The unique Argyle pattern and bright vivid colors are rather composed yet great to add an accent to the look.

3. Cozy colored knitwear. Winter hat with a large pom-pom that stands out nicely. Easy color and pattern makes a point in any style.
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4. An off the shoulder top with a basic pattern in a warm color. The noncrease texture and band around the neckline look casual and stylish at the same time.

5. A skirt that’s a perfect match for a simple top. The exceptional play of colors and unique patterns scattered over the skirt are nothing short of gaiety.
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6. Beauty heels made of modern style fabric. Combining the beauty of high heels and flats, it is versatile and great for both lovely and chic looks.

Check your pattern image 03
Check your pattern image 03

Whatever You Want

The beauty of check patterns is its variance. An unpredictable color combination of checks looks unique and stylish. But, above all things, patterns in fashion are all about matching.

1. Something Unique

Check pattern never fails. Especially warm tartan is versatile. It works for oversized jacket as layering piece worn open and skirt as well. You may consider buying the tartans with different color schemes for everyday look. And for such a basic tartan, backpack can be a good match. It is wearable and practical at the same time, perfectly working on this cheerful pattern that’ s always a safe choice. You can also go for a textured backpack mixed with fabric and leather for a more stylish everyday look.

Red Check Pattern × Patch Backpack

Check your pattern image 04
Check your pattern image 04

2. Glamorous Pattern

If you have bought check pattern clothes but kept it in your wardrobe forever because it seemed too outlandish, take it out right now for your special day. By simply wearing bold and edgy check patterns, you can feel much better. And most importantly, keep in mind that too much is as bad as too little. If the check patterns are too bold, match the simplest bag or pumps to make sure that all eyes are on the patterns. In that way, the unique check patterns will surely add an edge to your style.

Vivid Triangle Pattern × Pumps Heels

Check your pattern image 05
Check your pattern image 05
Check your pattern image 06
Check your pattern image 06

3. Extraordinary Color

Need something new and stylish for your weekend hangouts? It’s time to take up a challenge and wear colors that you have not tried before. One of the biggest beauties of check patterns is the range of color combinations it allows. Even the brightest vivid color can be wearable as long as it is in check patterns. Plus, you can match fashion items of the same bold color. But to keep it more wearable, match one of the colors in the patterns. For example, something red goes with a bold red check and something yellow with tender green. This will enhance the color combinations of your look.

Bold Circle Pattern × Trunk Bag

Check your pattern image 07
Check your pattern image 07

4. Oversize Mood

Oversize is the key to vintage check patterns and colors. The beauty of oversized outfits is their ease of layering. Layer two or three items together for more stylish look. Perhaps a T-shirt with another shirt and vest, or a shirt tied around your shoulders or waist, if
the weather is hot. Lace-up boots complete the look. They not only jazz up the oversized vintage checkered outfits but also provide your feet with comfort while walking.

Vintage Check Pattern × leather boots

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