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Play Stylish!
Witty Collaboration with PLAYNOMORE

Fashion, Enjoy as it is PLAYNOMORE

K-beauty leader LANEIGE meets the fashion brand PLAYNOMORE. In the 2014 F/W sea-son, LANEIGE attracted much attention with its collaboration with the fashion brand pushBUTTON, famous for its distinctive sense and sophisticated design. This 2015 F/W season, it joined hands with PLAYNOMORE for a new collaboration.
Celebrating its 2nd anniversary this year, LANEIGE MEETS FASHION Project embodies the ambitious vision of LANEIGE to lead makeup trends through the combination of beauty and fashion that are forever entangled. The second partner of LANEIGE MEETS FASHION Project is PLAYNOMORE, a witty fashion brand best known for the new creative individual styles it pioneers through its cute, kitsch logo and colors added to rather bog-standard bags. Shy Girl in minimal square bag design mixed with fun cartoon character-like eyes is the most sought after ‘It bag’ among top Korean models and K-pop stars. They even post pictures of it on their Instagram feeds.
In fact, the unique appeal of PLAYNOMORE is very much in the international spotlight. In the sense that it created a huge sensation with the launch in Asian markets across Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan and Japan, it bears considerable similarity with the market-moving launches run by LANEIGE, the leader of K-beauty. The beauty of LANEIGE infuses its brand philosophy to create unique styles through new ways, its trend-setting nature and leadership of the fashion world, and the sophisticated harmony it creates with the mix of creative individual styles, trendiness, brand value and belief.


“The Best ‘It makeup’ brand meets the definitive ‘It Bag’!
My Darling, Shy Girl”


Making its first debut at the 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week through the hands of top models, My Darling Shy Girl is the trendiest item, and it embraces the cute, cheerful appeal unique to PLAYNOMORE and stylishness of LANEIGE. Its unique and stylish design is tinged with sophistication, meaning it goes well with any kind of clothes, which makes it a perfect must-have item for the  upcoming F/W season.
Sparkling eyes on the ‘It bag’ Shy Girl of PLAYNOMORE made up with LANEIGE products seem shy and lovely in a way – while staying sexy in another way. The powdery pink blusher of LANEIGE brings out the shy, innocent girl-like charm of Shy Girl. And LANEIGE BB Cushion makes Shy Girl a nice-looking young lady in her 20s with clean, clear skin, while red colored Lip Gel gives an image of sexy, proud woman. This is Jet Curling Mascara, which adds glamor to the eyes of Shy Girl.

The name of new Shy Girl made up with LANEIGE makeup products is My Darling, Shy Girl! My Darling, Shy Girl has sparkling eyes unique to Shy Girl and an Indian pink-colored heart pattern that goes through makeover every day and, in doing so, gives forth the toe-tapping charm of two brands that are at the forefront of K-trends.
Then what are must-have beauty items of My Darling, Shy Girl? Let’s look at the collaboration between LANEIGE and PLAYNOMORE, My Darling, Shy Girl. LANEIGE BB Cushion, Jet Curling Mascara and Lip Gel are used for the makeup of My Darling, Shy Girl and they will be transformed into a My Darling, Shy Girl-inspired design this August. The BB Cushion, the leading item of LANEIGE, will have My Darling, Shy Girl, which is the mascot for this collaboration, and Jet Curling Mascara for the trademark dazzlingly curled up eye lashes of Shy Girl, which will be imprinted with Shy Girl giving a wink. And Lip Gel introduced first through this collaboration will be dressed up in the plump voluminous lips of Shy Girl.

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