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A healthy, moisture-filled radiance with New beauty
for a life full of luminous moments.



LANEIGE has persistently focused on studying moisturizing
mechanism within the skin for 25 years,
with the perspective that moisturizing is
the foundation for solving all skin problems.

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    Secret 1. CREATE

    LANEIGE began to study Natural Moisturizing Factors(NMF) inside the skin,
    which are considered the key to the moisturizing mechanism in the skin.
    The NMF started to decrease from the age of mid- to late 20s, destroying 
    the skin barrier and accelerating symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, 
    troubles and pigmentation.

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    Secret 2. LOCK-IN

    LANEIGE replenishes moisture and locks it
    in the skin with Water-Zipper Technology™.

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    Secret 3. PURIFY

    For luminous skin, it was necessary to purify the skin
    and get rid of all the unnecessary elements
    that remain on the skin every day.


LANEIGE observes our consumers with passion and come up with
never-before-seen products from our technology and know-how.

LANEIGE puts much effort to develop innovative and optimized
products and create new beauty rituals.

Our innovative qualities let us change the beauty routines of
women all around the world and become a pioneer in K-beauty.

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    Layering Lip Bar

    6 colors in one lipstick
    Full lips with natural gradation
    by a single touch

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    Cream Skin Refiner

    Melting a whole bottle of cream
    into a toner with Cream Blending
    Technology™ exclusive of Laneige,
    a jar of cream is dissolved in
    skin toner, filling the skin with moisture
    right from the first step.

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    Layering Cover Cushion

    Complete Match of Cushion and
    Concealer The 2-in-1 Cushion provides
    Perfect cover with the Layering of
    Concealer & Cushion

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    Sleeping Beauty

    LANEIGE sleeping masks that
    give the skin a lively,
    well-rested appearance
    the next morning thanks to
    its Sleep-tox™ purifying

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    Two-tone lip bar

    Two different colors meet and
    complete Two Tone Lip Bar!
    Two-tone lip bar for
    the perfect ombre makeup look


Someone with healthy self-esteem and cares for the inside,
instead of the fleeting beauty that remains on the outside




A healthy, moisture-filled radiance with New
beauty for a life full of luminous moments.
This is ‘Luminous Beauty’, created by LANEIGE

Creation of a more radiant and vibrant luminous skin