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How to Become a Party Queen with Lovely Twinkle Makeup!

How to Become a Party Queen with Lovely Twinkle Makeup!

How to Become a Party Queen with Lovely Twinkle Makeup!

Throbbing end of the year is coming soon.
Who is the holiday party queen of the year? It is you, since you clicked this video!

We will help you shine at your party with glitter makeup using Delights Pop Holiday Collection.
This makeup makes you pop with excitement and joy!

If you want to learn about eye-catching and glittering jewel point eye makeup and lovely and charming cheeks,
click and play the video right now!

“How I Wear Lovely Glitter Makeup for an Year-end Party”


Polish your skin texture before starting makeup.
Stain a cotton pad with Essential Power Skin Refiner and put it on your face like a pack to fully recharge moisture.


Here is a tip to make glittering and shiny skin by blending cushion and oil!
Take Double Layer Oil onto the back of your hand and let it absorb using puff. Then apply cushion to create skin with gentle glow.


Also mix oil with blusher to use the mixture as a highlighter.
Lightly tap the cushion puff at the center of the apple zone to add sparkle and energy.
Pinky rose color is expressed slowly, looking more lovely as you continue.


Glitter point eye makeup is created using three colors of Holiday Ideal Shadow Quad with magnificent pearly feeling.

After setting the base with golden color, make shadow points on the outer and inner corners of eyes using pink color. Highlight color is layered at the center of eyes to make them look clearer!

Lastly, attach jewel stone parts to the center of bottom eyelids to finish glittering party eye makeup!


Two-tone gradation lips are made with No. 1 Lovely Pop of Holiday Two-tone Tint Lip Bar. Apply softly on lower lips first and then on upper lips to complete the energetic and lovely mood.

Body Make-up Tip

Body makeup is also essential if you are wearing a beautiful party dress that reveals your shoulder line!
Softly apply Double Layering Oil on your shoulders as the very last step of this perfectly lovely party look!