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Real time Beauty

Self Lip Care

My lips feel moisturized even in this dry, changing season

Various color and textured lipsticks in the market in time for the F/W season!
But how can I apply them on dry, flaky lips?
Oh, no~!
Say goodbye to accumulated, dry, flaky dead skin cells, and fill the lips with moisture!

Self Lip Care STEP 1 Image


Place a wet tissue on bare lips and gently apply the water sleeping pack on the lips with the spatula.
The key point here is improving the condition of the lips after gently removing dead skin cells without irritation!

Tip. Leave the wet tissue gauze on the lips for 5~10 minutes.

Self Lip Care STEP 2 Image


Apply a liberal amount of water bank moisture cream all over moisturized, soothed lips.
Then, after a short time, remove the remaining dead skin cells from the lips while slowly turning the tip of the cotton swab.

Self Lip Care STEP 3 Image


As the last step,  
Apply the moisture lip balm onto the lips in detail to form a moisture film over the lips. Now, you have smooth lips even in the changing season~!