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Cooling Soothing Day&Night Skin Cooling

Water Bank Sherbet Cream

Ice sherbet cream with natural extracts and mineralsworks mildly yet quickly to cool down skin irritated by the sun

Product features

Recommended for
  • Irritated skin
  • Red, saggy and dry skin stressed by the day’s sun

This is a special cream for the summer manages skin that is exposed to a heated environment under the blazing sun, gently and quickly with natural extracts and minerals.

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Water Bank Sherbet Cream
Water Bank Sherbet Cream

Ice sherbet cream with instant cooling&soothing effect

  • DAY&NIGHT Skin cooling

    At night, the cream soothes and refreshes skin stressed by the day’s sun, and in the morning, it prepares an ideal makeup canvas just by using this one cream before makeup

    SECRET 1. DAY&NIGHT Skin cooling
  • Moisture production and skin barrier improvement

    This cream replenishes moisture in the skin with minerals and the Water Zipper technology, while protecting the skin barrier to keep skin firm

    SECRET 2. Moisture production and skin barrier improvement
  • Skin-firming effect

    Natural Houttuynia cordata extract firms the skin that has lost its elasticity due to the heat.

    SECRET 3. Skin-firming effect

DAY & NIGHT Cooling Care

If your face is heated, moisture evaporates quickly and makeup ends up erasing fast.

Lower your skin temperature using sherbet cream before putting on makeup to create an ideal canvas for makeup.

Your skin can show evaporation of moisture, loosening of pores, and troubles when irritated by the blazing sunlight.

Apply sherbet cream thickly in the evening to lower skin temperature and take care of the tired skin.


How to Use Water Bank Sherbet Cream

Step 1. Freeze the cream for at least four hours in a freezer at -15 degrees to turn it into sherbet crystal.
Step 2. After using essence, use a spatula to apply the cream on your face to lower skin temperature and supply moisture.
Step 3. If you need intense care, apply thickly onto the skin as if to use a mask pack in the evening for powerful cooling and calming effects.

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