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Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cleansing Foam

Cleansing foam that thoroughly washes off makeup residue and pore-clogging impurities with a bouncy and rich lather.

Product features

Recommended for
  • Those seeking a one-step cleansing solution.
  • Those who want to wash away dead skin and impurities from their skin.
  • Those in need of a mild daily cleansing foam.

The bouncy lather and cellulose beads wash off
makeup residue in one go!
This formula with moisturizing ingredients is great for daily use.

LANEIGE Product Development Team

Daily cleansing foam that simultaneously washes off
makeup residue and skin impurities and exfoliates dead skin.

  •  Simultaneous removal of makeup<br>residue and skin impurities

    The bouncy lather clears away makeup residue, excess sebum on the skin surface and impurities clogging the pores all in one go.

    SECRET 1. Simultaneous removal of makeup
    residue and skin impurities
  •  Daily exfoliating care

    Papain enzyme controls the dead skin each time you wash your face to brighten your complexion.

    SECRET 2. Daily exfoliating care
  • Complete removal of<br>ultrafine particles

    Micro-beads specialized for absorbing ultrafine particles lift away impurities from inside the pores.

    SECRET 3. Complete removal of
    ultrafine particles
Clinical Data

Satisfaction survey on product benefits
with Cleansing Foam users after 5 days of use.

워터뱅크 블루 히알루로닉 클렌징 폼 정면 이미지
with the cleansing ability.
Overall product satisfaction. 100%
The product feels like a mild choice for daily use. 97%
My skin feels light and refreshed after use. 97%
*Test conducted by: Beautylink Partners
Subjects: 37 women aged 20-39 who normally use a cleansing foam Period: October 20-25, 2021

A bouncy and soft lather, fresh
without any skin tightening after rinsing!

The rich and bouncy lather gently cleans away impurities
and leaves the skin feeling fresh without any slipperiness after rinsing off.


How to use Water bank Cleansing Foam for fresh skin

How to use Water bank Cleansing Foam for fresh skin

Take an appropriate amount on your hands, lather it,
and then gently rub it on your wet face to wipe away the waste