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Anti-Aging Emulsion Nourishing Skin Emulsion

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

Anti-aging emulsion that helps maintain a healthy base by revitalizing the skin appearance with nourishment while boosting suppleness and glow.

Product features

Does our skin age slowly?

Accelerated Aging
progresses radically from around the age of  35
Perfect Renew 3X Graph

*Source : Amorepacific R&D Center Report, based on 231 Korean women in their 20s-60s in Korea.

Concurrent & Multiple

Signs of #Accelerated Aging

  • Loss of

  • Appearance of
    Fine Lines

  • Dullness

  • Face looks bigger
    than usual?

  • Make-up caking in
    between fine lines?

  • Acne scars that
    do not fade?

Perfect Renew’s
#firmness_glow_texture care

The Next Level

Anti-aging Care

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion


Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

Anti-aging emulsion highly enriched
with nutrients to create
fundamentally healthy-looking skin.

  • #Skin_moisture

  • #Rich_nourishing

  • #Double_moisturizing
Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion


  1. 01

    3XTM , the core anti-aging ingredients
    that instantly reveals a healthy firming
    glow appearance.

    Retinol/Peptide/RE.D Flavonoid
  2. 02

    Firming emulsion to improve
    the skin moisture barrier
    and improve density of the skin.

  3. 03

    Oil-moisture balancing
    for dry and aging skin.

    Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

*Tested by Global Medical Research Center Korea
Number of subjects : 33 women aged 20-55 / Test period: 2022.05.09-2022.06.08

Research results

Improvements to Skin Appearance

after 2&4 Weeks of Use

  • #Skin Firmness Improvement

    Skin Density Improvement

    skin firmness improvement/Perfect Renew 3X Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

    Green : Essential elasticity component in skin
    *Clinical data from subjects with top 24 results, out of 33.

  • #Anti-wrinkle Effect

    Anti-wrinkle Effect on Eye Area

    anti-wrinkle effect/Perfect Renew 3X Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

    *Clinical data from subjects with top 12 results, out of 33.

    Anti-wrinkle Effect on Nasolabial Lines

    Anti-wrinkle Effect on Nasolabial lines/Perfect Renew 3X Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

    *Clinical data from subjects with top 6 results, out of 33.
    Test Period: May 09, 2022 ~ June 08, 2022
    Test Organization: Global Medical Research Center Co., Ltd. Korea
    Test Participants: 33 women aged 20 to 55.

Anti-Aging Effect Verified by
Clinical Results

  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Firmness
  • Skin Glow
  • Hydro-repair
  • Skin Moisturizing
Perfect Renew 3X Skin Refiner/Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

*Tested by Global Medical Research Center Korea
Number of subjects : 33 women aged 20-55 /
Test period : 2022.05.09-2022.06.08
1) After 4 Weeks 2) Right after use

“ Are you willing to buy
this product? ”

100% of participants
said YES!

Perfect Renew 3X Skin Refiner
  • 100%*

    It feels like the skin moisture barrier
    has been strengthened.

  • 100%*

    The skin feels
    firmer and looks radiant.

  • 100%*

    It feels like the skin looks
    healthy and revitalized.

  • 96%*

    It feels like the fine lines of the face
    have been reduced.

Powerful anti-aging

but with

a hypoallergenic formula


7-free formula

7-Free (Animal ingredients, mineral oil,
synthetic pigments, polyacrylamide,
imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, talc)


Scored “0”
for skin irritation tests

Dermatologist tested

Hypoallergenic tested

Skin patch tested

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion Model


Anti-aging emulsion that provides rich nutrients
to skin sensitized external conditions.

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion Texture


Pump dispenser,
convenient without any need for a cap.

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion
  1. 1

    Twist down the cap
    in the direction of the arrow.

  2. 2

    Dispense the formula
    1-2 times to use.

Perfect Renew 3X Duo

The first-step in anti-aging
for fundamentally healthy-looking skin

Perfect Renew
3X Skin Refiner
#Skin soothing
#Rich-textured toner
Perfect Renew
3X Emulsion
#Moisture barrier strengthening
#Firming emulsion
Perfect Renew 3X Skin Refiner / Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

Real Customer Reviews
on Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

  • @joo**

    5 Stars

    "It feels like it's absorbed well,
    so there's no inconvenience
    when you use other cosmetics together."

  • @tyse**

    5 Stars

    “My favorite emulsion
    that I always buy”

  • @rissp**

    5 Stars

    "If you layer it several times when it's dry,
    it feels like it's really moisturizing.

Tester group period : Nov 2022 ~ Dec 2022

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion


#Accelerated Aging Solution
Perfect Renew 6-Step Anti-aging Routine
STEP 1 3x skin refiner / STEP 2 3x signature serum / STEP 3 3x emulsion / STEP 4 3x cream / STEP 5 5d sun essence / STEP6 youth retinol cream