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Multi Deep Clean Cleanser

Blueberry extract that removes not only makeup, sunscreen and fine dust, but also dead skin cells

Product features

Recommended for
  • To remove makeup with one cleansing foam
  • For mild exfoliating without irritating the skin
  • For complete refreshing cleansing

It is a mild cleanser that removes fine dust and dead skin cells but does not irritate the skin

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Multi Deep Clean Cleanser
Multi Deep Clean Cleanser

What’s special about Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser

  • Multi-functional cleansing foam

    It is a cleanser that removes sunscreen, makeup and fine dust - all in one go

    SECRET 1. Multi-functional cleansing foam
  • Daily dead skin cell care without irritation

    With natural papain enzyme and cellulose beads melting softly on the palm, it gently removes dead skin cells

    SECRET 2. Daily dead skin cell care without irritation
  • Blueberry extract for clear and healthy skin

    It is a cleanser with blueberry extract for clean and clear skin

    SECRET 3. Blueberry extract for clear and healthy skin

It has a creamy texture with melting beads

Best Step

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Routine Recommendation

How to

How to Use Multi Deep Clean Cleanser

After wetting the face with water, take about 2cm of content and rub the face in a massaging motion to cleanse the face.

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