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2-step blackhead care Mild blackhead care

Mini-Pore Heating & Clean Duo

The mild-type, 2-step blackhead care gently melts sebum from pores with the heating gel and clay mask
15ml * 2

Product features

Recommended for
  • Concerned about sebum and pores
  • To control excessive sebum and soothes tried skin

It is a differentiated pore care for each pore problem and area.

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Mini-Pore Heating & Clean Duo
Mini-Pore Heating & Clean Duo

The secret of Laneige's original pore solution

  • Pore refining technology

    Pore care effect controls excessive sebum and soothes skin

    SECRET 1. Pore refining technology
  • Mild, 2-step blackhead care

    The heating gel melts out hard sebum! Clay mask effectively absorbs melted sebum!

    SECRET 2. Mild, 2-step blackhead care
  • Easy-to-use applicator

    Applicator + tube type provides easy application – no need to use the hands

    SECRET 3. Easy-to-use applicator
How to

How to Use Mini-Pore Heating & Clean Duo

Step 1.

Sebum Melting

Step 2.


Step1. Sebum Melting

1) After cleansing and towel-drying the face, evenly apply the heating gel on the TT-Zone with pores and excessive sebum.

2) Rub skin with the applicator until a warm feel is generated to soften the sebum inside and outside pores.

3) To remove residue completely, wash off with lukewarm water (or tissue) and towel-dry the face.

Step2. Clean-Off

1) After wiping off the heating gel, evenly apply the clay mask on dry skin and let it dry so that sebum is absorbed completely.

2) To remove residue completely, wash off with lukewarm water and towel-dry skin.

3) Use toner with pore soothing as a finishing touch.