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Lip Glowy Balm

Lip balm that coats the lips with a layer of moisture and makes them look supple and glossy

Product features

Recommended for
  • Concerned about dry lips
  • Concerned about dead skin cells when wearing a matte-finish lipstick
  • To create a glossy and supple look of the lips

It is a lip balm offering four types of sweet and refreshing fruity scents: berry, grapefruit, peach and pear

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Lip Glowy Balm
Lip Glowy Balm

The secret of Lip Glowy Balm for glossy hydrated lips

  • Daily moisturizing

    It instantly removes flakes and makes the lips look hydrated as though the lips are coated with a breathable layer of moisture

    SECRET 1. Daily moisturizing
  • Texture that’s smoothly wrapping the lips

    It applies as though it’s wrapping the lips with colorless thin layers, so the lips feel light, while still not damaging the color of the lipstick

    SECRET 2. Texture that’s smoothly wrapping the lips
  • For a healthy voluptuous look of the lips

    It adds a natural healthy color to make the lips look full, voluptuous

    SECRET 3. For a healthy voluptuous look of the lips

A tube type lip balm that fits the sticky form as if to coat it thinly

How to

How to Use Lip Glowy Balm

  1. Before.

    When the lips feel dry before/after lip makeup.

  2. After.

    Apply an appropriate amount on the lips to express moisturized, supple lips as if having coated the lips.

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