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Skin supplement Transparent ampoule

Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]

A brightening ampoule for bright, flawless and dewy glowing skin

Product features

Recommended for
  • For dull skin
  • To provide fresh moisture to the skin

It delivers enough moisture without a sticky feeling and can be added to your daily skincare routine

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]
Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]

A series of skin tonics for different skin conditions

  • Superberry extract creating flawless skin

    Anti-oxidant effect of superberry creates bright flawless skin

    SECRET 1. Superberry extract creating flawless skin
  • Amino acid for dewy glowing skin

    Amino acid, natural moisturizing factor gives a dewy glow to the skin

    SECRET 2. Amino acid for dewy glowing skin
  • Skin tone-up through exfoliation

    It allows dead skin cells to slough off the next morning to give a healthy and vibrant complexion

    SECRET 3. Skin tone-up through exfoliation
Clinical Data

Customer satisfaction about Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]

Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]
There was no dry skin troubles after using the product for 1 day. 93%
My skin texture was moistened after using the product. 86%
Lifting of horny skin reduced after using the product for 2 weeks. 80%
Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid] Human-body test and self-answered questionnaire Agency : Ellead Skin Research Center
Subjects : 21~35 years old female ( n=30) / Period : Oct. 29 ~ Nov. 16, 2018 (2 weeks), human-body test and self-answered questionnaire

It is a lightweight, moisturizing water type ampoule

Compare the texture of three kinds of Focus Active Ampoule


Use Focus Active Ampoule like this!

No more heavy textured ampoule
It is an ampoule with a light fast-absorbing texture that’s perfect to be used in a number of ways

How to

How to Use Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]

After using toner in the morning and evening, dispense about 0.5 ml (3-5 drops) of the product on the back of the hand. And spread it gently along the skin texture from inside to outside. Then pat lightly with your palm for absorption.

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