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Forest cica Sensitivity soothing

Cica Sleeping Mask

Mask that strengthens the skin barrier and boosts its natural strength through the regenerating effect of powerful cica ingredient, Forest Yeast during the golden sleeping time

Product features

Recommended for
  • Skin that’s sensitive, irritated and stressed out
  • Skin that needs to strengthen its barrier
  • Dry skin that easily feels tight

With Forest Cica having over 111.9% improved regenerating effect than madecassoside, it boosts the skin’s natural strength during the golden sleeping time

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Cica Sleeping Mask
Cica Sleeping Mask

The secret of soothing Cica Sleeping Mask

  • Forest Yeast with excellent regenerating effect

    It delivers the regenerating effect of Amorepacific’s patented cica ingredient, Forest Yeast* and strengthens the skin barrier overnight (*111.9% greater regenerating effect than madecassoside)

    SECRET 1. Forest Yeast with excellent regenerating effect
  • Intensive care during the golden sleeping time

    Through intensive nourishment and hydrating overnight when the skin repairs best, it takes care of skin damaged from dryness

    SECRET 2. Intensive care during the golden sleeping time
  • Hypoallergenic 9-free formula

    Dermatologist tested, sensitive panel tested, hypoallergenic tested. Hypoallergenic 9-free formula provides soothing comfort to the skin

    SECRET 3. Hypoallergenic 9-free formula

Forest Yeast processing

Amore Pacific’s patented ingredient

1While sampling microoganisms, Amore Pacific Material Research Lab collected health and natural split bean vines from Gotjawal, Jeju Island with a primal forest environment that maintains appropriate temperature and humidity
2When we were fermenting these healty Gotjawal vines, we discovered new yeast with a unique structure. and developed Forest Yeast after a long process of fermentation
3Amore Pacific Lab proved through experiments that Forest Yeast has the exellent natural growth effect, and has 111.9% better effect compared to madecassosicide.
4With the ingredient found in a forest, LANEIGE Cica Sleeping Mask was born to restore skin's own power by strengthening the skin barrier.
Clinical Data

111.9% natural growth effect compared to Madecassoside

Forest yeast vs Madecassoside
The result of testing improvement of the irritated skin proved that
Forest yeast has better natural growth effect than Madecassoside after 16 hours.


Choose the right Sleeping Mask for your skin

Creamy texture Cica Sleeping Mask When your skin feels sensitive Soothing Deep moisturizing Strengthening barrier
Light gel-type texture Water Sleeping Mask When you feel lack of moisture Moisturizing Fresh moisturizing Skin purification
Best Step

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Routine Recommendation


How to Use Cica Sleeping Mask

Apply this in your last skincare routine every night and leave it on overnight instead of washing off. (Wash off the next morning).
※ Layer it 2-3 times for better soothing effect if the skin is particularly irritated and feels dry.

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