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Sensitivity soothing Overnight Mask

Cica Sleeping Mask

Overnight mask that cares dry and sensitive skin through the regenerating effect of powerful cica ingredient, Forest Yeast and Sleeping Microbiome™ technology

Product features

Did you go though
the same skincare routine
at night when your skin felt
extra sensitive and dry?

Extra sensitivity in
transitional seasons

skin strength

Skin that requires
rich and deep hydration

Your skin needs



  • #Barrier Strengthening

  • #Sensitized Skin Soothing

  • #Intensive Moisturizing
Cica Sleeping Mask

Overnight Skin Barrier Care
with Forest Yeast


Exactly what people with
sensitized skin have been waiting for
#Emergency Night Soothing Pack

2H 2019 Hwahae Beauty Awards Best New Product 1st Prize in the Sleeping Pack Category

2H 2019 Hwahae Beauty Awards
Best New Product
1st Prize in the
Sleeping Pack Category

Cica Sleeping Mask

Customer reiview


Once you try, you’ll understand
#Authentic User Reviews

Cica Sleeping Mask
  • Instant #Skin Soothing Experience
    Five stars

    I’m writing this review this morning
    after applying an ample amount last night.
    It has surely had an excellent soothing
    for my entire face.

    syst***** (Female, 30s)

  • #Cica Works Hard While You Sleep
    Five stars

    It really feels like it worked hard while
    I was sleeping!
    Because your face looks
    smooth and bright
    when you see yourself
    in the mirror the next morning,
    I even bragged about this to my family.

    0107*******(Female, 20s / Dry and sensitive skin)

  • #Moist Skin Until The Next Morning
    Five stars

    It really has a great moisturizing power so that
    your face feels slippery when you wash it
    after you wake up. My face feels moisturized
    even after I wake up in the morning.

    minj***** (Female, 20s / Dry skin)

  • Unbelievably #Smooth Skin
    Five stars

    I was surprised by how smooth my skin
    became the next day like magic
    after applying
    a generous amount before going to bed!


Cica Sleeping Mask


  • #Self-Regenerative Effect Of Forest Yeast

  • #Skin Barrier Strengthening

  • #Recommended For Sensitized Skin

Effect of Forest Yeast

Cica Sleeping Mask

Powerful Self-Regeneration*
by Forest Yeast

Improvement of the irritated Skin(%) 0 16 36 100 Forest Yeast, Madecassosid 111.9% *Result of in vitro test by AMORE PACIFIC Lap

Forest Yeast,a powerful skin regenerating
ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier
more quickly
with a 111.9%* greater skin
regenerating effect than madecassoside.

(*in-vitro test result)

Skin That Grows
Firmer With
An Intensive Solution

Cica Sleeping Mask model

Firm skin that does not fear
sleep marks the next morning

5 minutes after pressure, pressure
marks (skin resilience) are improved
Before use +20.1% 4weeks after use

* Period : June. 08. 2020 - July. 08. 2020
* Test Subject : Women aged 20-39
who sleep less than an average of 6 hours a day (n=35)
* Test Agency : P&K Skin Research Center

A relaxing formula
for sensitive skin

  • Non-comedogenic tested

  • Hypoallergenic tested

  • Sensitive panel tested

Cica Sleeping Mask Texture


A nutrient-rich cream type formula
that gently embraces the skin.

Cica Sleeping Mask

Recommended Product
For Skin Type

  • Water Sleeping Mask EX

    #Rough Skin
    #Dull Skin

  • Cica Sleeping Mask

    #Sensitive & Irritated skin
    #Dry Skin

Water Sleeping Mask EX and Cica Sleeping Mask

  • Refreshing & hydrating
    Water Sleeping Mask EX

  • Enriching & nutritious
    Cica Sleeping Mask

Sustainable Principles
of Cica Sleeping Mask

Free of animal ingredients,
mineral oil, polyacrylamide,
imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, silicone oil, synthetic pigments,
artificial fragrances, PEG surfactant