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Color correcting makeup base Moisture base

Water Glow Base Corrector

Tone correction base that creates skin look brighter, youthful and as flawless as a baby’s

Product features

Recommended for
  • For tone correction without white cast
  • For an amazing adherence and long-lasting foundation

It is a color correcting base that adds a dewy glow and naturally corrects the skin tone without caking

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Water Glow Base Corrector
Water Glow Base Corrector

Makeup base suggestion for your skin tone!

No. 20 Rosy Pink Color chip No. 20 Rosy Pink
No. 40 Light Purple Color chip No. 40 Light Purple
No. 60 Light Green Color chip No. 60 Light Green
No. 20 Rosy Pink

Corrects pale skin for healthier looking skin;
apply on areas that need strobing effect as the fine prism particles reflect light

No. 40 Light Purple

Corrects dull, yellowish skin tone for brighter skin

No. 60 Light Green

Corrects reddish skin tone

Check the base texture.
How to

How to Use Water Glow Base Corrector

Pump once and divide the face into forehead, skin under the eyes, cheeks, and chin and evenly apply as if applying lotion.
*Laneige Water Glow Base Corrector has a low-viscosity texture, so it applies like lotion


What’s special about Water Glow Base Corrector?

  • No white cast! Natural tone correction

    Baby Blue BoostingTM technology reflects blue light off the skin’s surface to create the clear and flawless skin complexion of a baby's skin

    SECRET 1. No white cast! Natural tone correction
  • Dewy glow skin

    Glow Lighting System makes the skin more like a source of shining light, giving a dewy glow to the skin under any kind of light

    SECRET 2. Dewy glow skin
  • Moisturizing essence makeup base that’s more of a skincare product

    It has a low-viscosity formula composed of water that easily and seamlessly corrects the skin tone and enhances the blending and long-wear of foundation to create a soft, flawless skin

    SECRET 3. Moisturizing essence makeup base that’s more of a skincare product

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