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WhippingINTint Velvet Tint

Ultimistic Whipping Tint

A soft whipping velvet tint that has been stirred a thousand times in the making

Product features

Recommended for
  • If you want soft, matte lips
  • If you want light, matte lips with a thin layer of tint
  • If you want a natural, daily look for your lips

Glides on like whipped cream for soft and firm matte lips

Laneige Product Development Team
Like real whipped cream
A whipping tint whose formulation was stirred more than 1000 times as if making real whipped cream

A smooth, daily tint that does not dry out your lips over time

No.1 Whipping Primer No.1 Whipping Primer
No.2 Coral Brunch No.2 Coral Brunch
No.3 Rose Caramel No.3 Rose Caramel
No.4 Positive Pink No.4 Positive Pink
No.5 Evening Red No.5 Evening Red
No.1 Whipping Primer

A smooth lip base that contains moisturizing and primer ingredients

No.2 Coral Brunch

Clear and bright coral brick color

No.3 Rose Caramel

Daily calming rosy pink color that perfectly matches your skin tone

No.4 Positive Pink

Elegant, vivid cool pink color

No.5 Evening Red

Lively, intense rosy red color



Applies evenly without clumps and adheres softly
and lightly to your lips


How to use Whipping Tint

Using the rounded internal part of the applicator tip,
apply from the center of the lips outwards for fully colored lips.
For gradient lips, use the outer part of the applicator tip to apply the tint at the center of the lips.


Laneige BM's perfect combo recommendation

#Perfect Combo for Warm Tone
#Perfect Combo for Cool Tone
#Perfect Shade Combination