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Tattoo tint Superb coloring

Tattoo Lip Tint

Highly pigmented long-lasting lip tint that feels almost weightless yet stays on for a long time just like a tattoo

Product features

Recommended for
  • Looking for a long-lasting lip tint with just one single application
  • No need for makeup touch-up

Color that lightly and quickly sets on the lips stays put like a tattoo

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Lips Don't Lie
Long-lasting light weighted formula

Define lines in full colors

No.1 Popsicle Coral Color chip No.1 Popsicle Coral
No.2 Cheating Orange Color chip No.2 Cheating Orange
No.3 Red Stiletto Color chip No.3 Red Stiletto
No.4 Pingpong Pink Color chip No.4 Pingpong Pink
No.5 Pink Filter Color chip No.5 Pink Filter
No.6 Sleek Red Color chip No.6 Sleek Red
No.7 Acai Bowl Red Color chip No.7 Acai Bowl Red
No.8 Sand Rose Color chip No.8 Sand Rose
No.9 Rose Prism Color chip No.9 Rose Prism
No.10 Berry Good Color chip No.10 Berry Good
No.1 Popsicle Coral

Natural daily color with a hint of pink color!

No.2 Cheating Orange

As if orange has took over red color!

No.3 Red Stiletto

Light and thin yet long-lasting real red!

No.4 Pingpong Pink

Lovely look hidden in chic tone!

No.5 Pink Filter

Unfading attraction upon setting!

No.6 Sleek Red

Like early morning in a busy city

No.7 Acai Bowl Red

Deep red with Tomboy attraction!

No.8 Sand Rose

Soft like shiny sand!

No.9 Rose Prism

Day & night, a pocket item for every moment!

No.10 Berry Good

Berry color is always right!

How to

How to Use Tattoo Lip Tint

  1. STEP 1.

    Use the top edge of the lip knife to draw and fill in the upper lips with a clean cupid’s bow.
    Use both surfaces of the lip knife depending on the angle of the lip.

  2. STEP 2.

    Use the larger surface of the lip knife to fill in the bottom lip softly.

  3. STEP 3.

    Light yet vivid tattoo lip look complete!
    Hold the lip knife vertically to easily draw the lip lines, according to needs.


It adheres instantly like a tattoo and does not smudge.


Makeup look recommendation

Red Stiletto Clean Rose Color 1) Clear and Transucent skin
2) Emphasize eyeliner
3) Defined and neat lip lines
4) Natural expression of eyebrow
Rose Prism Crushed Rose Color 1) Natural skin tone
2) Deeply shaded eye makeup
3) Softly smudged lips
4) Lightly smudged eyebrow
Popsicle Coral Natural Coral Color 1) Healthy skin expression
2) Light pink coral eye makeup
3) Plump, natural lips
4) Eyebrow with natural texture
Pink Filter Bright Pink Color 1) Porcelain-smooth skin and natural glow highlight
2) Emphasize the eyes with the neat, colorful liner
3) Defined and neat lips
4) Natural, neat eyebrow makeup

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