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Moisture clearing color Glass bead shine gloss

Stained Glasstick

Glow tint stick offering bright color and crystal clear gloss

Product features

Recommended for
  • For hydrated juicy lips
  • For natural glossy lips
  • For clear sheer color

It goes on smoothly and provides hydration to the lips with a clear sheer color for beautiful lips that feel comfortable

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Jewel-like shine

Gemstone-like shades for selection

No.2 Rosequartz Color chip No.2 Rosequartz
No.4 Pink Sapphire Color chip No.4 Pink Sapphire
No.6 Red Spinel Color chip No.6 Red Spinel
No.7 Pink Tourmaline Color chip No.7 Pink Tourmaline
No.8 Peach Moonstone Color chip No.8 Peach Moonstone
No.9 Carnelian Rose Color chip No.9 Carnelian Rose
No.11 Pink Manot Color chip No.11 Pink Manot
No.12 Red Vibe Color chip No.12 Red Vibe
No.13 Orange Amber Color chip No.13 Orange Amber
No.14 Rubygarnet Red Color chip No.14 Rubygarnet Red
No.2 Rosequartz

For a healthy complexion to the lips. It can be used on its own or applied over other Stained Glasstick to tone up the lip color and for additional glowy finish

No.4 Pink Sapphire

Lovely pink lips that sparkling like Pink Sapphire, to brighten up the skin tone

No.6 Red Spinel

Sparkling coral red lips that look good on anyone

No.7 Pink Tourmaline

Romantic rose pink color full of spring light

No.8 Peach Moonstone

Peach pink color resembling an elegant and feminine ballerina

No.9 Carnelian Rose

Natural MLBB color as if lips are tinted with wine

No.11 Pink Manot

Pink lips to brighten facial complexion

No.12 Red Vibe

Lively red color full of spring

No.13 Orange Amber

Lively orange color brightens the face like sweet orange on the lips

No.14 Rubygarnet Red

Red color for elegance Ruby


How to Use Stained Glasstick

Express natural gradation lip makeup by applying on the entire lips along the lipline or by tapping on the center of the lips.

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