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Liquid concealer Dual applicator

Real Cover Cushion Concealer

Liquid concealer that covers all different types of skin imperfections from small spots to large areas using the special Dual Applicator

Product features

Recommended for
  • To conceal skin imperfections
  • For easy makeup touch-ups

Dual Applicator features cushion tip & concealer tip to cover both small spots and large areas

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Real Cover Cushion Concealer
Real Cover Cushion Concealer

Concealer suggestion for your skin tone!

No.13 Ivory
No.21 Beige
No.23 Sand
No.31 Brown
No.33 Cinnamon
No.35 Coffee
No.37 Cacao
How to

How to Use Real Cover Cushion Concealer

Apply skin tone correction foundation (cushion) over the face.
Use the concealer tip to apply concealer onto the area that needs coverage (including moles, scars, spots and dark circles)
Use the (cushion) tip for blending.
Dab and blend using the cushion tip for a thin layer of tone-up coverage and lightly pat onto small areas including moles and scars.
Perfect coverage!
Use powder products lightly to set the makeup.

Best combination suggested by Laneige BM

#Flawless skin

Together with Light Fit Powder, you can create perfect flawless skin!


What’s special about Real Cover Cushion Concealer?

  • High coverage cream-to-liquid texture

    The flat square-shaped viscosity-increasing agents increase viscosity by packing the content and give the content a creamy texture that melts when external pressure is applied

    SECRET 1. High coverage cream-to-liquid texture
  • High coverage and high adherence

    It uses ingredients, which adheres well with the skin, to form an unstuffy layer on the skin’s surface and Cover Powder to enhance coverage

    SECRET 2. High coverage and high adherence
  • Long-lasting makeup

    It also uses the long-lasting technology, which minimizes the direct contact of the hand and/or external factors to the makeup layer to help reduce makeup fading

    SECRET 3. Long-lasting makeup

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