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Sunlightfilter Naturalradiance

Neo Foundation_glow

Ultralight foundation hydrates all day and adheres perfectly to the skin delivering a natural glow finish for 48 hours

Product features

Natural Glow
Just Like a
Sunlight Filter

Neo Foundation glow
  • Neo Foundation glow

    For dry skin
    that requires seamlessly
    blended thin coverage.

    Soft texture and tight adherence.
  • Neo Foundation glow Model 01

    For oily skin
    seeking shine-free
    and gentle radiance

    Less sliding off and strong
    against sweat.
  • Neo Foundation glow Model 02

    For oily skin lacking moisture,
    for which long-lasting
    adherence matters due to
    flushing and makeup
    sliding off.

    Perfect combination with a spatula &
    sponge soaked in toner.
  • #Fine blending
  • #Relaxing texture
  • #Sunlight filter
  • #Subtle inner-glow

Lighter and Closer

Seamless blending
with NEO
Neo Foundation glow


Lightweight texture
Natural radiance
Over 90% satisfaction

The product feels weightless. 90.3%

The skin looks naturally radiant. 90.3%

Satisfaction Survey for LANEIGE NEO Foundation_Glow,
Global Medical Research Center Co., Ltd.
31 subjects (Age: 31.000±6.309) / March 29, 2021 - April 20, 2021

Neo Foundation glow

#Elevated #Skin makeup

Having that matte finish with a subtle glow along the skin's texture looked really refined! ★★★★★ I wnql*****

It fits onto the skin well enough to be compared to a mochi, and has a glossy finish. The glow is a piece of art. The skin looks really beautiful. ★★★★★ I wnql*****

#Bright shade #Lasts clear

My face has a dark, yellowish tone. But this product controls it well. The makeup I put on in the moming lasts until the evening. ★★★★★ I pure**

I used to be worried about my skin tone, and now I love how bright my skin looks! ★★★★★ I haha*****

#Moist #High coverage

I like that it has a high coverage with a glossy finish that makes my skin look soft. ★★★★★ I pure**

This is the first foundation that feels light yet has a high coverage without being ★★★★★ | swee*******

Review of Naver and Amoremall 21.07~22.07

Neo Foundation glow


  • #Seamless blending
  • #Skincaring
  • #Bright and clear look
Neo Foundation glow


Bouncy formula
that creates a thin and highly
adherent coverage
with a refined finish.

Neo Foundation glow

  • Bouncy formula coated in a highly
    adherent moisturizer.

    A special process of coating
    the pigment once more with a highly
    adherent moisturizer to realize a bouncy feel.

  • Small and light micro powder.

    Soft spreading along
    the skin texture and blending in a thin layer.
    Effortless blending easy enough for beginners.

  • Liquid Diamond with micro-pearl.

    Refined finish with a subtle texture glow.


Skincaring ingredients
for smooth skin
that feels moisturized all day

Neo Foundation glow BEFORE & AFTER

  • Relaxing finish with
    72% essence ingredients.

    Panthenol for its skin soothing effect.

  • Smooth skin texture care
    with microbiome.

    Strengthening the skin barrier
    by promoting its turnover.

  • Moisture retention lasting all day.

    24-hour moisturizing effect confirmed.

    (*Clinically tested.)


A long-lasting
bright color,
free from darkening

Neo Foundation glow MASK TEST

  • Water Color Solution Technology
    using high-purity and high-chroma

    Clear and intense colors.

  • Formula that lasts for up to 48 hours.
    Makeup resistant to sweat and sebum.

    Clinically tested.

  • Glow foundation
    withboth moistness and
    bright coverage.
Neo Foundation glow Model 03

The FIRST blue light protection foundation
from Amorepacific.

Keep your skin protected against extended exposure
to blue light from computers and smartphones.


#NEO Cushion  for an afternoon touch-up.
Blur with
#NEO Powder  for a smooth finish.
  • Neo Cushion glow

    Neo Cushion glow

    NEO Cushion

  • Neo essential blurring finish powder

    Neo essential blurring finish powder

    Neo essential blurring
    finish powder


Perfect Together

  • Neo Foundation glow

    STEP 1

    #NEO Foundation , moist yet with a high coverage.
    Texture glow makeup for a refined, subtle radiance.
  • Neo Cushion glow

    STEP 2

    #NEO Cushion , a seamless blending duo
    for makeup touch-ups.
  • Neo essential blurring finish powder

    STEP 3

    Give a light finish with #NEO Powder
    to maintain the skin radiance and extend
    its long wear.

NEO Foundation

Sustainability Principles

Skin-relaxing matte foundation with good ingredients.

  • 8

    8 FREE

    Animal ingredients, tar color,
    imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine,
    talc, carbon black, paraben

  • Neo Foundation glow

    Biodegradable Ingredients

    The content of biodegradable ingredients
    has been increased (35.9%)
    to reduce the product's impact on aquatic
    environments and to focus on the skin.

  • palm oil

    Use of sustainable palm oil

    This product contains palm oil that is
    produced through sustainable methods
    without any need for cutting down trees.