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Meets Arts Artist NOVO

Laneige x Artist Novo Neo Cushion_Matte

Experience a pleasant change in life through art projects presented by LANEIGE!

Product features

Sold over 3.85 million products,
each sold every 15 seconds!

(Based on NEO Cushion and related product sales
from launch to May 2022)
  • 2021 화해 뷰티 어워드(쿠션 부문 1위)
  • 2021 레드닷 디자인 어워드
  • 2021 IF 디자인 어워드
  • 2020 글로우픽 하반기 어워드 ROOKIE
  • 2020 언니의 파우치 하반기 쿠션부문 스페셜
  • 2020 하반기 뷰티 어워드 1위
  • 2020 언니의 파우치 신상픽
  • 얼루어 코리아 '베스트 오브 뷰티' 어워드 수상
  • 2022 Glow Pick 1H award winner
  • 2022 올리브영 어워즈 베이스메이크업 2위
  • 2021 Hwahae Beauty Awards (1st Prize in Cushion )
  • 2021 Red dot design award main prize
  • 2021 IF design award main prize
  • 2020 Glow Pick Second Half Award ROOKIE
  • 2020 Unnie's Pouch Second Half Cushion Special
  • 2020-2H Hwahae Beauty Awards (Best New Product)
  • 2020 Unnie's Pouch New Pick
  • 2022 Glow Pick 1H award winner
  • 2022 OLIVE YOUNG Awards Base Makeup Category
Recommended for
  • Light, transfer-proof cover
  • Never running out makeup even in active outdoor activities

Thin, even, and powerful coverage, excellent adhesion that does not transferred in
everyday life, nevertheless, the perfect fitting cushion with my skin-like comfort!

LANEIGE Product Development Team
Laneige x Artist Novo NEO CUSHION_MATTE

Lighter, Closer, Ultra-fit! NEO

  • Transfer free cushion fit<br>Strong Fixer Coverage

    Cover powder which is about 2x thinner and specially coated pigments, makes you feel a thin and even ultra-light use and strong fit with almost no stains.

    *Compared to BBC pore control

    SECRET 1. Transfer free cushion fit
    Strong Fixer Coverage
  • Sweat & sebum<br>resistance makeup fit<br>HUMID DEFENCE<sup>™</sup>

    24-hour darkening free, cover lasting, and strong resistance on sweat and sebum which help you to keep your makeup fresh and clean without any touch up on your makeup.

    SECRET 2. Sweat & sebum
    resistance makeup fit
  • Thin but perfect coverage

    Cushion that can complete flawless skin with a simple but perfect cover with a high cover and matte formulation which is normally difficult to create as a cushion foundation.

    SECRET 3. Thin but perfect coverage

Easy for everyone! #Universal design

Innovative One-Touch Spinning Refill
Structure helps to easily replace the refill

  • Grab the refill
    and trun it
    counter clockwise

  • Remove the refill
    by lifting it up

  • Insert a new refill

  • Turn it clockwise


Relased with the best shades!

Natural color-23N SAND, 21N BEIGE/Light color-21C COOL BEIGE Natural color-23N SAND, 21N BEIGE/Light color-21C COOL BEIGE