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1-second gradation 6-color layering

Layering Lip Bar

6 colors in one lipstickFull lips with natural gradation by a single touch
1.9 g

Product features

Recommended for
  • If you find it difficult to do gradient lip makeup
  • For natural lip makeup
  • Looking for a highly pigmented lipstick

It is designed for those who want to apply natural color gradation, without special skills, as though several lipsticks have been used

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Turn up the Color Volume
Real lip volume gradation made with just a single touch

Intense colors and glowy lips!
#FullGlow#Plumplips CREAM

No. 1 Layeringfantasy Color chip No. 1 Layeringfantasy
No.2 Milk Blurring Color chip No.2 Milk Blurring
No.3 Jealousy Red Color chip No.3 Jealousy Red
No.4 Orange Pleasure Color chip No.4 Orange Pleasure
No.5 Witty Coral Color chip No.5 Witty Coral
No.6 Alluring Red Color chip No.6 Alluring Red
No.7 Awesome Pink Color chip No.7 Awesome Pink
No.8 Crushed Pink Color chip No.8 Crushed Pink
No.9 Quiet Pink Color chip No.9 Quiet Pink
No.10 Tasty Salmon Color chip No.10 Tasty Salmon
No.11 Moody Red Color chip No.11 Moody Red
No.12 Stubborn Rose Color chip No.12 Stubborn Rose
No.13 Bitter Rose Color chip No.13 Bitter Rose
No.14 Candid Brick Color chip No.14 Candid Brick
No. 1 Layeringfantasy

Special mix of six colors capturing the emotional changes of women

No.2 Milk Blurring

Clear red that creates a natural gradation from the inner lips

No.3 Jealousy Red

Perfect mix of red and orange! Fruity orange-red of a bright and lively woman

No.4 Orange Pleasure

Orange with a tinge of red that reminds of the delicious scent of fresh orange

No.5 Witty Coral

Shining coral that brightens every skin tone

No.6 Alluring Red

Coral red for an elegantly shinning woman

No.7 Awesome Pink

Awesome pink from an unexpected mix of vivid pink and neon orange

No.8 Crushed Pink

Fruity fresh pink that looks as juicy as crushed watermelon

No.9 Quiet Pink

Natural pink for a pure, elegant and romantic look

No.10 Tasty Salmon

Ideal choice for a spring look, as perfect as a light chiffon dress

No.11 Moody Red

Classic red! Red mixed with natural skin beige that never goes wrong

No.12 Stubborn Rose

Deep rose as intense and enticing as a rose

No.13 Bitter Rose

Natural MLBB rose for a drop of rose on the lips

No.14 Candid Brick

MLBB brick to enhance the natural color of the lips and bring out your true natural beauty


Intense color with a soft matte finish
#ComfyTexture MATTE

No.15 Shy Beige Color chip No.15 Shy Beige
No.16 Lonely Coral Color chip No.16 Lonely Coral
No.17 No Doubt Coral Color chip No.17 No Doubt Coral
No.18 Fierce Fuchsia Color chip No.18 Fierce Fuchsia
No.19 Genie Red Color chip No.19 Genie Red
No.20 Soul Red Color chip No.20 Soul Red
No.15 Shy Beige

Classic MLBB. Easy beige-brick for daily dose of liveliness

No.16 Lonely Coral

Toned-down coral for a soft, gentle and pure image

No.17 No Doubt Coral

Classic coral. Orange coral-red on the lips brightens the face

No.18 Fierce Fuchsia

Sparky and cheerful light pink-fuchsia

No.19 Genie Red

Real deep red. A good choice for red lip beginners

No.20 Soul Red

Profound and sexy red-burgundy

How to

How to Use Layering Lip Bar

Slide down the button using your thumb to
pull the lipstick up
*For initial use,
slide down the button up to 1/3 point.
Step 1.
Apply darker color in the inner area of the lips
Step 2.
Work along the upper lip line using the squared edge of the lip bar.
A natural gradation is complete, without having to press the lips together!

Makeup look recommendation

Jealousy Red Perfect mix of red and orange!
Red apricot embodying the potential energy
in a bright and strong woma
Shy Beige Neutral earthy beige inspired from the
profound and rich earthy tone of nature and
expressing a restrained and intellectual mood

Best combination suggested by Laneige BM

#Best layering combination

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