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Non-trembling Totally fresh&new item

Finger Graphic Liner

Liquid eyeliner, designed for firm grip, for a non-trembling, delicate and clear eyeline

Product features

Recommended for
  • If you find it difficult to draw the line because of your shaky hands
  • For a delicate eye makeup look

Inspired by patents for writing supplies in the 1990s, it is an innovative product that prevents trembling when drawing lines

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Finger Graphic Liner
Finger Graphic Liner

Color chart : Finger Graphic Liner

No.1 Black Color chip No.1 Black
No.2 Brown Color chip No.2 Brown
No.3 Burgundy Color chip No.3 Burgundy
No.4 Sequin Beige Color chip No.4 Sequin Beige
No.1 Black

Matte black color for define eye makeup by filling in between eyelashes and along the waterline

No.2 Brown

Warm brown color provides a natural eye makeup look

No.3 Burgundy

The captivating burgundy color containing fine pearl provides sensuous makeup

No.4 Sequin Beige

Skin toned pink color containing fine pearl of the two colors provides an under eye makeup effect
No. 3 Burgundy is applied on the upper eye line while No. 4 Sequin Beige is applied on the lower waterline


How to Use Finger Graphic Liner

Shake the product before use. Insert the index finger into the finger grip handle and draw the eyeline.

Design Story

Design History of Finger Graphic Liner

Innovative, scientific design history of Finger Graphic Liner Container


What’s special about Finger Graphic Eyeliner?

  • Stable finger grip handle for a fine eyeline

    It provides good support for the fingers to allow delicate drawing like a makeup artist

    SECRET 1. Stable finger grip handle for a fine eyeline
  • Waterproof & sweatproof formula

    It instantly sets and stays resistant to water and sweat, making it free from smudging

    SECRET 2. Waterproof & sweatproof formula
  • Delicate control of thickness

with the tensed felt tip

    Tensed felt tip finely fills in between the eyelashes and waterline with delicate lines of different thicknesses

    SECRET 3. Delicate control of thickness with the tensed felt tip

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