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Artist curler Stunning C-shaped curl

Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curler that perfects C-shaped curls fast and easily

Product features

Recommended for
  • For short, droopy lashes
  • Looking for voluminous lashes

Designed for Asian eye lines, anyone can create sunning C-shaped curls.

- LANEIGE Product Development Team

Eyelash curler that perfects C-shaped curls fast and easily

  • Designed for Asian eye lines

    Eyelash curler designed for Asian eye lines

    SECRET 1. Designed for Asian eye lines
  • Volumized curling

    The built-in spring inside the handle enhances the volumized curl

    SECRET 2. Volumized curling
  • Stunning C-shaped curls

    The excellent curler transforms short, droopy lashes into stunning “C-shaped curls

    SECRET 3. Stunning C-shaped curls

How to Use Eyelash Curler

Squeeze the lashes from the base to the tip several times to curl.

Laneige makeup tool for high-quality makeup

  1. 1. An eyelash curler designed with a curve appropriate for the eyes of Asians
  2. 2. Powerful volume curling with a spring included in the handle
  3. 3. Perfect, excellent C-shaped curls of short and drooping eyelashes

How do I choose eyelash curler?
Material? Price? Design?

All of them are important, but the most important point is to find a curler that perfectly fits the curvature of my eyes.
How can we check the curvature?

1Measure horizontal length* of the eyes.
*Horizontal length of the eyes: From the front to the tip of the eyes
(tip of eyelash)
2Adhere paper to the eyelid round,
and mark the front and tip of the eyes.
3Place second paper on top of paper marked
with horizontal length.
4The space between first length and
second length is curvature height.
Enter your horizontal length and
curvature height into the curvature
calculator website.

Expensive eyelash curlers of high-end brands may not curl
your eyelashes properly or feel painful because the curvature
is not right for you.

High curvature is associated with flat eyes with a gentle curve,
and low curvature refers to bulging eyes.
On average, an eyelash curler with curvature of about
19R~20R is appropriate for Asians.

LANEIGE eyelash curler has a curve of 3.2cm, height of 0.8cm,
and curvature of 20R. It is suitable for the eyes of Asians that
have smaller curvature and volume compared to Westerners,
helping them curl their eyelashes comfortably, strand by strand.