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#1 Counterattack From Digital Devices. What You're Experiencing Might Also Be Digital Inner-Dryness!


You wake up to the sound of an alarm from your mobile phone,
listen to music via YouTube on your way to work,
work in front of a computer,
watch Netflix while having your weekend meals
and keep your eyes fixed on your phone until you fall asleep.
For people today, each and every day passes surrounded by various digital electronics from the moment you wake up until you close your eyes to sleep. No, even while your eyes are closed.
According to LBLL’s research report on the lifestyle of today’s women,
the average time spent on digital devices for female office workers and practitioners is 8 hours.

「*」Average Daily Usage of Digital Devices by Women Today

Digital devices have brought about both conveniences and inconveniences in daily life. For the past 10 years, the number of patients for dry eye syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, sleeping disorders, and skin with “digital inner-dryness” has doubled. The heat from these electronics warms the skin and accelerates skin aging with blue light, which has a similar wavelength with UVA.
Do you think that your current skin concerns are the consequences of external conditions and stimulations only? There exist countless lifestyle elements that have an effect on your skin. However, LBLL’s report revealed that stress and the use of digital electronics had a significant impact.

「*」Lifestyle Factors That Have an Impact on Skin Problems

LBLL’s study on the lifestyle of women today divided the participants into three groups – Digital-heavy, Stress & Lack of Sleep, and Hydration – depending on what was suspected as the cause of their skin problems. The Digital-heavy Group largely experienced skin troubles induced by using digital devices, and a relatively high occurrence of sensitivity stimulated by flushing, redness and heated skin.

「*」Skin Concerns and Causes by Group

Compared to the groups that perceived stress and lack of sleep or hydration as the cause of their skin problems, the Digital-heavy Group experienced fewer concerns during lunch time when their use of digital devices was reduced, then more when they were back at work in the afternoon. The chart below shows that their skin dryness, troubles, and shine peaked at what is referred to as “the devil’s hour, 2 o’clock.”

「*」[Skin Concerns of Digital-heavy Group by Hours of Day]

The direct impact of a person’s digital lifestyle includes redness or a heated feel, but extended usage also affects the quality and time of sleep. This sleep deprivation often entails roughness and looseness.

“I spend time absorbed in my mobile phone before bed after a very stressful day.
This delays the time I fall asleep and as a result, I don’t feel great the next morning.”
“Looking into my smartphone before bed induces sleep disorders due to the electromagnetic waves or light. My skin feels loose in the morning.”

Using digital products, such as mobile phones and laptops, has become an unavoidable option these days. These electronics, which have been developed for the sake of convenience, are having a disturbing impact on our skin. Skin-affecting factors, such as the heat and blue light generated by these gadgets, have become the subject of a new series of research, with related products being released. “Digital inner-dryness” may sound unfamiliar, but it is expected to settle as an important term explaining the cause of skin problems as people are increasingly experiencing redness or skin aging concerns as a result of befriending digital electronics.

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