Sparkling Beauty

You are born with your physical appearance, but your unique appeal can be created.
Sparkling Beauty is what LANEIGE pursues to discover beauty within you.



LANEIGE Pursues Sparkling Beauty

Beyond clear, radiant, and glowing skin, we also seek to unleash that dazzling charm within you.


LANEIGE’s definition of beauty has evolved once again to allow you to flaunt your beauty with even greater confidence, to allow that dazzling charm of yours to shine through even brighter than before.

LANEIGE’s WATER possesses outstanding capability. Transforming water, the source of life, into dynamic moisture energy — LANEIGE is the key to clear, supple skin. Be it bright and radiant or lively and energetic, we seek to give beautiful transformation not only to your skin but also to your life.

Beauty that glows more radiantly than before, smiles that look livelier than before — live your life more confidently than before. LANEIGE's Sparkling Beauty continues to move forward, adding a sparkle to the lives of women around the world.


LANEIGE was born as a brand committed to help women achieve clear, radiant skin like snow.


The natural moisturizing barrier of skin, which used to be perfect when you were born, loses strength and vitality over time to become the key reason behind damaged skin. As such, the key behind lively and beautiful skin that can defy time is none other than “moisture.”

Through 20 years of research on the interaction between water and skin, LANEIGE discovered that water not only plays an important role in moisturizing but is also effective in boosting the effects of brightening and anti-aging products.

Transforming water, the source of life, into dynamic moisture energy.
LANEIGE developed its own exclusive technology, Water Science, to help bold and confident young women get naturally hydrated, supple skin anytime, anywhere with the power of water, we present to you the gift of clear, radiant skin.

Line Function Benefit WATER SCIENCE™
  • Line Water Bank Function Moisturizing Benefit Self-creation of Moisture WATER SCIENCE™ Moisture Biogene™
  • Line Sleeping Mask Function Special Care Benefit Transparent & Moist Skin WATER SCIENCE™ Moisture Wrap™
  • Line White Plus Renew Function Whitening Benefit 2 Tone Brighter Skin WATER SCIENCE™ Melacrusher™
  • Line Time Freeze Function Anti-aging Benefit Plump Cheeks & Sharp Chin WATER SCIENCE™ Dynamic Collagen™
  • Line Clear-C Function Boosting Benefit Clear & Transparent Skin WATER SCIENCE™ Sillicium Capture™