Hassle-free Natural Eyebrow Makeup

Natural Brows in 3 Easy Steps

If you are concerned about drawing unnatural-looking eyebrows,
watch this and learn to draw natural, full looking eyebrows in just 3 easy steps!

Do your eyebrows lose their shape easily in the afternoon, or do you hate the clumps that appear while using a pencil brow?  
Then, check this out!

Let’s learn how to shape and color eyebrows naturally with LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-cara!

How to use Stencil Stickers

Natural Brows in 3 Easy Steps 01 image

STEP 1. Define the brow shape with the brush.

First, define the shape. After using the cushion, take the Wide Defining Brush and draw on the desired brow shape. Here, instead of drawing in one stroke, line the brow tip, arch and end one by one.

TIP: Make sure not to press too hard as you might apply too much of the makeup. -Step 1.

Natural Brows in 3 Easy Steps 02 image

STEP 2. Fill in the brows.

Put a suitable amount of the product on the same brush and fill in the brows. Be careful not to apply too much, or too many times, as your eyebrows will get too thick and look unnatural.

TIP: Follow the direction of hair growth for a more natural look!!-Step 2.

Natural Brows in 3 Easy Steps 03 image

STEP 3. Comb brows with the screw brush.

For the last step, color the brows.
Apply a light color with the Mohican Brush in the direction of the hair growth. Now, it is done!
-Step 3.