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refill me

LANEIGE joins activities
to protect and purify water.


our promise

LANEIGE engages in activities
to protect and purify water.

LANEIGE believes that water, the source of all life, is the key to beautiful skin and vigorous life.

As we understand the wonderful ability and value of water, we are taking active part in meaningful endeavors aimed to support water-stressed countries and preserve water resources, so that our lives as well as the environment can shine brightly.

campaign history

The amount of LANEIGE’s donation to
water conservation since 2010

campaign features

  • water

    Vital Power of Water

    Fill up your body with water using Refill Me
    Bottle to Refill yourself!

  • life


    Always keep this trendy bottle throughout your daily life to Refill your life!

  • eco

    Youthful Spirit

    Use the eco-friendly nondisposable bottle and participate in reducing the use of disposable plastic to Refill the environment!

Campaign Introduction

LANEIGE Refill Me Campaign is an activity, promoting the use of eco-friendly Refill Me Bottle, to replenish moisture in skin, invigorate one’s life and engage in environmental preservation.

  • What are the activities of this campaign?

    A portion of proceeds from product sales during the campaign period is donated to NGOs in different countries around the world.
    This meaningful donation has been used to supply drinking water for water-stressed countries around the world.

  • Who is Team&Team, the organization partnering with LANEIGE?

    In Korea, this NGO is the only international development organization dedicated to water resources. Its projects started in 1999, including drinking water support and emergency relief & development in Africa. Team&Team has been in partnership with LANEIGE since 2016.
    * Drinking Water Support To provide clean water, an essential element for life, to thirsty neighbors of the world, Team&Team carries out projects to support drinking water in consideration of local conditions and situations.


    Each year, a portion of proceeds from selling LANEIGE Water Bank and Refill Me Bottle is donated to Team&Team, which is then used to support development of underground water and maintenance of existing facilities along Tana River, Kenya.

    In 2019, underground water was newly developed and drinking water pumps were installed in 3 villages along Tana River, and malfunctioning water pumps were repaired in 10 villages.


    2016 partnership with Team&Team
    With Refill Me Campaign, we engaged
    in activities where people can replenish
    themselves, their lives and the environment.


    A portion of proceeds from selling LANEIGE products was partly donated to UNICEF to be used for Wash in School, a project for improving drinking water facilities in 11 Asian countries.

    Also, by supporting a project dedicated to improving educational facilities, we contributed to invigorating the village and reducing inequality in education.


    2013 partnership with UNICEF
    Through Waterful Sharing Campaign, we carried out activities to help water-stressed countries.


    A portion of the proceeds from LANEIGE product sales was sent to Save the Children to support the building of new water tanks and the repair of old wells in Africa.

    Education on maintaining the well in the school campus was conducted, to share awareness of the safe and clean water of life.


    2010 agreement with Save the Children
    We began Waterful Sharing Campaign, dedicated to water-stressed countries around the world.

our global

  • Malaysia Global Peace Foundation (GPF)
  • Korea Team & Team
  • Singapore Waterways Watch Society (WWS)
  • China WWF
  • Hong Kong PlayTao Foreverland
  • Taiwan World Vision | Water for every child

let's together

Based on our deep affection for water, LANEIGE will continue to participate in water conservation and take the lead in protecting and sharing clean water.

campaign banner

Model Kim Youjung

Even our little efforts
can bring about
a greater change.