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Feel the glow

Feel the Glow - LANEIGE

Radiance on my skin, Confidence in my life.

LANEIGE not only gives Radiance
on my skin,
but also Confidence in my life.

LANEIGE shares the same celebration of diversity and
believes everyone
should shine with an inner and outer glow
that’s just as unique as they are.

LANEIGE has been closely observing what
customers really want,
to give them back their original glow.

But the LANEIGE glow isn’t just about a healthy,
balanced complexion.
It also promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Regardless of how busy your daily life may be—or what life
may throw at you
and your skin—LANEIGE is here
to help you move forward with confidence.

You’ll always be glowing and beautiful with LANEIGE.



LANEIGE’s Beauty & Life Lab studies
customers’ skin and their 24/7 lifestyle

Rooted in science-based research on the moisturizing
mechanism of the skin, LANEIGE analyzes how environmental
factors from today’s 24/7 lifestyle
affect our complexion, inside and out.


LANEIGE offers 5 functional solutions,
from intense hydration to brightening to anti-aging

  • 01 My skin is still dry—
    no matter how much moisturizer I use.


    Dehydration is the cause of most skin issues with common signs
    presenting as redness, congestion, inflammation, and wrinkles.

    LANEIGE’s Water Bank line contains Hydro-LighteningTM technology,
    a breakthrough specifically designed to kickstart the
    skin’s natural moisturizing mechanism.

    When used as a collection, skin is plumped, moisturized, and soothed
    with a bouncy glow that can be seen and felt.

  • 02 My complexion is so dull!


    What makes skin look dull?
    UV rays from the sun, blue light from mobile phones, pollution,
    and even stress can cause irritation and dullness to show up on our skin.

    Radian-C Cream, which transforms a dull complexion into
    one with a brighter,
    more even-looking tone in just 2 weeks
    thanks to the dual powers of vitamins C and E.

  • 03 I’m worried about enlarged pores and
    deep wrinkles.

    ANTI-AGING CARE Perfect Renew Youth Line

    Pores that appear long, thin, and vertical rather than small and round.
    That’s when wrinkles begin to form.

    Perfect Renew Youth relies on a 95% pure retinol
    to accelerate collagen production, soften the looks of pores,
    and smooth wrinkles after a week.

  • 04 Can my skin look great
    even if I haven’t slept well?

    SLEEPING CARE Sleeping Mask Line

    A lack of sleep not only affects our health.
    It also leads to unbalanced skin.

    Sleeping MicrobiomeTM, which is designed to release ingredients
    over a specific stretch of time during your sleep cycle in which
    skin loses excess water and sebum production wanes.

    Our overnight hero, Water Sleeping Mask EX, makes skin look
    bright, dewy, and wide-awake.

  • 05 Can I achieve natural-looking coverage
    that’s actually good for my skin?

    BASE MAKEUP Neo Cushion

    Do you need base makeup that never running out makeup
    even in active outdoor activities and transfer free on my phone screen
    and mask?

    Our best-selling NEO Cushion utilizes Big Pore SpongeTM technology
    to provide a lightweight, high-coverage matte finish. And also
    Humid defenceTM
    helps makeup to last longer in active outdoor activity
    or hot and humid weather.

    You can cover various skin problems such as redness, yellowness,
    pore for 24H with Neo cushion



The journey with LANEIGE to finding one’s own
glow stretches ahead
along the path by your side.
FEEL the GLOW that radiates
in its own presence above the skin.