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  • Water Bank Moisture Cream 제품사진(정면) 미리보기
  • Water Bank Moisture Cream 제품사진(위에서본 제품) 미리보기

Water Bank Moisture Cream

Deeply moisturizing cream full of moisture all day

Skin Type
Normal / Dry
Net Wt.
HK$ 290


Because I have Water Bank!

There will be moisture only!
Moisture Refill in Skin All Day!

Water Bank moisture pr image

Key point

Water Bank Moisture Cream

The Moisturizing Biogene technology of Laneige strengthens the supply of natural moisturizing factors inside the skin and makes the skin moistful all day through this Water Bank Cream

[NEW] Newer Moisturizing Technology of Water Bank Cream

technical feauture image

Moisture Biogene™, which refills moisture all day, meets with mini hyaluronic acid and air-wetting formula to present a more perfect moisturizing ability.

24h image

Completed 24hour moisturization clinical test

How to use

Take an adequate amount and spread it evenly on your face.


If you have red spots, swelling skin, irritation, and other skin trouble, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist.
Do not use it on areas with wound or skin infection.
Avoid direct sunlight and keep the product away from infants and children..

1. If any of the followings occur after using this product, stop using it because the symptoms can worsen and consult a dermatologist.
    A) Irritations such as red spots, swelling, and itching during use;
    B) When the area that the product is applied has the above symptoms because it is exposed to the direct sunlight.

2. Do not use the product on areas that have wounds, eczema, dermatitis, and other infections.

3. Cautions while keeping and handling the product.
    A) Close the product after use.
    B) Keep this away from infants and children.
    C) Do not keep it in a place with too high or low temperature or where the direct sunlight is reached.