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  • Mini Pore Blurring Tightener
 제품사진(Mini Pore Blurring Tightener
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Mini Pore Blurring Tightener
Mini Pore Blurring Tightener

Pore-tightener that alleviates the appearance of large, stretched pores while suppressing excess sebum, giving skin a smooth, even appearance

Net Wt.
HK$ 230


Mini Pore Blurring Tightener

The pore tightener keeps large pores and excessive sebum in check, helping you maintain smooth, dense skin

LANEIGE Mini Pore Blurring Tightener

Key points

If you are in your twenties and are worried about your pores, conceal and tighten
them with Laneige Blurring Tightener!

1. Refines the pores

Excessive secretion of sebum weakens the pores’ natural barrier and further stretches the pores. Laneige Pore Mini Sizing™ soothes and moisturizes the pores.

2. Controls excessive sebum

Keeps shiny skin with excessive sebum secretion under control.

3. Conceals pore shadows/Evens out skin surface

The light concealing Blurring Layer diffuses the light in a 360-degree radius, giving the pore area a bright, natural blurring effect.

Mini pore

Mini pore

Keep your monster pores under control with Laneige's original pore solution, Mini Pore

If your skin is often shiny, the excessive oil and moisture dry out on the surface of your skin and stretch the pores further. Pores that stand out need special care!

Clinical data

Test on Laneige Mini Pore Blurring Tightener's effect on improving the appearance of pores

Verified pore care effect of Blurring-Tightener

100% experienced reduced shine (Shine reduced by 11.5%)
100% felt that the pore surface has become smaller (14.1% experienced reduction in pore surface)
(Skin moisture content increased by 50.4%)

* Test subjects: 22 women aged 20 to 35 years (average age: 26.090 ±4.3)
* Test conditions: actual sebum / Test conducted in hot, humid climate that exacerbates pore conditions

Tests on pore improvement effect

The visibility of the pores (monster pores) has been reduced.
Skin feels refined, with the wear of makeup improved.

* Test subjects: 100 women living in Bangkok, Thailand and whose age ranges from 23 to 32 years
* Test period: February 13 to 19, 2015
* Test conducted by TNEX

What to

Why do I need a tightener?

1. Protective skincare shield

So that the active agents from previous skincare products take full effect

2. Oil control

So that the active agents from previous skincare products take full effect

3. Prevents the stretching of the pores

Prevents the stretching of the pores, which is accelerated during and after the 20s

How to use

how to use

1. Use at the last stage of your daily skincare routine. Concentrate on areas that secrete the most sebum and where pores are most visible. Use gentle dabbing motions to promote absorption.

※ Recommended for the following:
- Those who want soft, clean skin
- Those who have oily skin that prevents makeup from lasting
- Those who worry about their stretched pores due to excessive sebum


Stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist when redness, swelling, or other skin irritations occur.
Avoid applying the product on open wounds or tinflammation.
Keep away from direct sunlight and out of reach of infants and children.
1. If the following symptoms occur after product use, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist (continuous use can exacerbate the symptoms):
  a) Red spots, swelling, itchiness, and other skin irritation
  b) If the symptoms above occur after the application area is exposed to direct sunlight

2. Do not use on open wounds, eczema, and other skin irritations.

3. Storing and handling
  a) Close the lid after every use.
  b) Keep out of reach of infants and children.
  c) Do not store at extreme temperatures or in an area exposed to direct sunlight.