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magazine monthy09.2016

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Off beat Retro

Offbeat Retro to add a colorful, witty twist to your style this fall

Off beat Retro image

As the fall comes, the bright green fades away; but we should not sink into colorless boredom.

Add colors to your look this autumn with a retro inspired dress. With fun, bold patterns and colors, you will be sure to get all the attention.

This fall, retro colors will fill the street. Floral patterned silk scarves and pullovers hit the runway for F/W 2016 collection of the world-famous brands, and a retro look with hot pink pleated skirts and cow print vests made an impression. Combining a retro style and inspiration from fairy tales, LANEIGE is introducing a unique and yet wearable offbeat style. It brings the past back with a truly modern edge and play of colors. Are you ready to transform yourself through a whole new retro style? Make your tunning street runway debut with offbeat retro look.


From tops that work great alone or with a jacket, to dresses, accessories and shoes. Here is an offbeat closet full of items that will give you a retro look this fall!

1 A fairy-tale-inspired pastel top with glamorous beads and floral pattern. Layer over a white shirt and match with mini skirt or wide legged pants! It will complete a cool offbeat retro look. SIBLING

2 Take this bold black choker necklace trimmed with colorful gemstones and gold details and it will give an accent to your look. Be elegant and yet chic like Mathilda in Léon: The Professional. GRAIN de BEAUTE

3 A cute acrylic bag with an embellished logo. Take it with you when going on a picnic this autumn. bpb

4 A colorful dress with exquisite geographic details very pleasing to the eye. It will make you feel like a princess in a fairy tale. Kwak Hyunn Joo Collection

5 Unique Mary Jane style pumps with two straps. FLAT APARTMENT CIRCLE

6 The original edition in English adds color to the room. Offbeat retro book to brighten your look. Little Women

7 Set a classic movie scene with small rustic vintage prop.


If you are interested in offbeat retro style, It’s time for you to go offbeat retro! Shops and brands now blend unique colors, inspirations from fairy tale fantasies and unique, dynamic and yet wearable looks into a whole new retro style that’s different from their intended purposes. Are you looking for an item that will bring a distinct edge to your modern look and perhaps add some sparkle to your dull, everyday routine? Here is a list of eye-catching items to help awaken your artistic appeal!

1 High cheeks Witty Offbeat Mood
The brand name HIGHCHEEKS indicates a bright smile, and its embellished, witty designs have been much vaunted by fashionistas and celebrities. At HIGHCHEEKS, which offers a range of jewels, accessories, bags and fashion items full of energy and wit, you can turn into an innocent girl or perhaps a cool, chic lady. If you’re looking for an offbeat transformation this fall, keep HIGHCHEEKS in mind.

2 THENCE American Girlish Retro Items
Were you ever jealous of your friend’s pretty pencil case when you were young? We all have an itching for such small and cute items, and a design studio named THENCE is a happy hunting ground. It adds an American retro vibe to office supplies, clothing, and bags. Sometimes small, cute accessories rather than a big expensive item can enrich our minds. If you have been looking for things that you can show off to your friends, go to THENCE! It will awake the little girl inside you.

3 NOONOO FINGERS Embellished, playful jewels
NOONOO FINGERS reinterprets pop art and realist aesthetics of past and present into wearable form. On display are unique and yet easy items with motifs based on the fingers, as befitting of its name, and playing cards as well. NOONOO FINGERS that brings pleasure to people along with interesting stories. Here at NOONOO FINGERS, you will surely be able to find finishing pieces to your retro style.

4 FRITZ COFFEE COMPANY Retro Nostalgia Café
FRITZCOFFEE COMPANY began as a small coffee shop in Dohwa-dong, Seoul, Korea, but has now become a retro icon. Renovated from an old house, it gives off an air of vintage retro. Plus, its retro style logo featuring a cute seal is so popular that it sells canvas bags, mobile covers, and mugs online in addition to coffee beans. If you are a fan of FRITZ, make sure that you visit its homepage.

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