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magazine monthy11.2015

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Weekly Beauty Plan

Special one-week hydration care for a special day

Weekly Beauty Plan image

Deep Cleansing & Exfoliation on D-7

Wrap your face with a steamed towel to cleanse off dirt and use a peeling gel to gently remove any dead skin cells.

Create younger skin on D-5

Massage the skin with Water Bank Serum using your index, middle and ring fingers. Pull up the skin from the chin to the cheeks and then sweep it up, starting from the outer most corners of the mouth, cheeks and outer most corners of the eyes.

Moisture layering on D-3

Apply Water Bank Moisture Cream all over the face and use your index fingers to press both innermost corners of the eyes, temples and then below the eyes for three seconds each.

Night care on D-1

Put on a thick coat of a sleeping mask and sleep earlier than usual on the day before the big day. There is nothing better than a good night sleep for getting younger looking skin.

Mask pack on D-DAY

Apply Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask in the last step of your basic skincare routine to provide rich moisture to the skin to make it look young and perfectly prepped for makeup.

Solution 1

Total Revitalization

Total Revitalization

Is applying skincare products in layers good enough to treat the many different signs of dehydrated skin – particularly when signs of dryness become more apparent in the winter? What is most important in treating the visible signs of dehydration is boosting the skin’s natural moisture levels. LANEIGE Water Bank Serum is the first key to moisturizing care to activate hydration in the skin. Its texture is enriched with skin-perfecting Hydro Ionized Mineral Water in addition to the Biogen technology to boost the skin’s moisture, helping it get absorbed fast into the skin to strengthen the skin barrier while keeping the skin supple. With its hydration restored, the skin is revitalized with great radiance, healthy brightness and smooth texture.

Solution 2

Perfect Moisture

Perfect Moisture

No matter how many moisturizing products you put on, the skin can become sensitive when exposed to the cold wind and so dry that it almost feels like it is going to crack whenever you stay in a warm room. This is why you need a much more powerful moisturizing solution in the winter! Fix your dry skin problem with a cream that switches on the moisture-generator in the skin – Water Bank Moisture Cream. It fills the skin with moisture from within and forms a powerful moisture film on the skin to keep it moisturized for 24 hours. Hydro Ionized Mineral Water is absorbed deep into the skin, while Biogen technology keeps the skin moisturized even when exposed to external irritants. If you want to experience a powerful moisturizing effect and soothe skin redness that can appear in the winter, care for your skin with Water Bank Moisture Cream.

Three beautiful habits for healthy skin

1. Take in foods rich in antioxidants

Taking in antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits of different colors such as tomato, avocado, pomegranate and blueberry, to help you fight fatigue and keep your body young and healthy.

2. Wear sunscreen, even in the winter

Never let your guard down even in the winter. Wear sunscreen when going outside and put on a product with SPF50/PA+++#43; or higher as often as possible when enjoying outdoor activities and sports.

3. A regular workout routine fit for your body type

Too much workout creates excessive active oxygen, which can cause premature skin aging. Choose the workout that is right for your body type and do it on a regular basis to maintain your youth.

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