Brand Story

Advanced Water Science™ Skincare

Moisture-recharging magnesium. Cell metabolism boosting manganese. Cell-renewing zinc. Moisture-locking ceramide. Collagen restoring bio-peptides. Each LANEIGE customized complex is enriched with active ingredients technologically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin, delivering exactly what your skin needs, when it needs it. All day long.



The Power of Water


Among the life-giving wonders of the world, none is more fascinating than the sublime Himalayas; its snow-clad peaks supply almost half our planet with precious, nutrient-rich water.

Inspired by its purity and gift of life, LANEIGE discovered the power of skin-perfecting mineral water.


Mastering the Science of Water


After 20 years of research, only LANEIGE Laboratories have unleashed scientifically-engineered, skin-perfecting mineral water clinically proven to hydrate, protect and revitalize individual skin types.

The result: 24-hour hydration and protection against sun, pollution and stress. Through its mastery of the science of water, LANEIGE brings skincare to a new level of excellence.

Your Concern, Our Complex

Age Prevention. Hydration. Brightening, Complexion-Correcting or Sun Protection.
Whatever your concern, whatever your skin type, there’s a LANEIGE water science complex to answer it.

Key Product Function Benefit ADVANCED WATER SCIENCE™
  • Key Product Water Bank Moisture Cream Function Hydrating Benefit Restores skin’s moisture ADVANCED WATER SCIENCE™ Hydro Ionized Mineral Water & Biogen Technology
  • Key Product Water Sleeping Mask Function Special Treatment Benefit Replenishes skin overnight ADVANCED WATER SCIENCE™ Ionized Mineral Water & Ceramides
  • Key Product Bright Renew Original Serum Function Brightening Benefit Lightens dark spots ADVANCED WATER SCIENCE™ Melacrusher™