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What are moisture points?

In addition to the beauty points that you get when purchasing products at the Laneige shopping mall, you can get moisture points through various community activities and product purchases and use the moisture points to purchase products available only for moisture points.

Beauty points and Laneige points cannot be converted into each other.

How to use points
  • Points can be used upon accumulation.
  • After purchasing a product, points will be accumulated after 7 days upon completion of delivery.
  • Once Laneige points are accumulated, the points can be used immediately to purchase products. If uploaded threads are deleted, points will be deducted, which may result in minus points.
  • Laneige points can be used at Laneige Point Mall and for special events such as applying for a premium kit.
Point Expiration Guidelines
  • After acquiring Laneige points by posting your writings or threads, if you delete your writings or threads, the acquired points will be deducted.
  • When you withdraw your membership, all your accumulated Laneige points will be rendered extinct.
  • The effective period of Laneige points is 6 months from the accumulation date. If no new points are added for 6 months since the accumulation of Laneige points, your acquired Laneige points will be rendered extinct.